To study Finance at the Turku School of Economics, one chooses Accounting and Finance as the major. B.Sc., M.Sc., and D.Sc. programmes are available. For the M.Sc. and D.Sc. programmes, one chooses Finance as their specialization area. The B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes are currently offered in Finnish, whereas the D.Sc. program is also available in English. More information is available here.

Course offering

A number of courses are available in Finnish (e.g. compulsory core courses are LR03 Basic Course in Finance, LR05 Intermediate Finance, and LR8 Business Analysis and Valuation) as in English (compulsory core courses are LRS28 Advanced Corporate Finance or LRS26 Yritysrahoituksen teoria, LRS31 Asset Pricing and Portfolio Theory or LRS23 Quantitative Methods in Finance. More information on the study guide book.

Misc information

Recommendations on (elective) courses for our students are available in the Moodle area called RAHA (access requires an enrollment key; provided in the introductory meeting for the first year students).

Note also that our students have actively participated in the CFA Research Challenge with great success.

Our finance students can join Aktiiva, the subject association of finance, accounting and business law as well as KY-Kasino, the Association of Academic Investors in Turku.

Exchange studies

Planning to come to Turku School of Economics (University of Turku) as an exchange student and you want to take financial courses during your stay here? If so, you are welcome, we have an increasing number of exchange students in finance. Note that we offer a number of courses in English, most them are at the Master’s level, i.e., they are quite demanding. Note also that some of the courses are available only every second year.

At the bachelor’s level, we recommend taking LR07 Finance, Sustainability and Ethics course if available. At the master’s level, you can choose e.g. Advanced Corporate Finance, Financial Econometrics, Derivatives, or Asset Pricing and Portfolio Theory. For more information, visit the following page: link.

TSE Finance Lab

TSE Finance Lab is equipped with dual-screen PCs and wall monitor for financial news. PCs have Refinitiv Workspace with access to Datastream and SDC Platinum installed. Other databases are available on a more temporary basis. PCs have also a number of statistical programs installed (e.g., R/RStudio, Eviews, Stata, Matlab, SAS).

TSE Finance Lab can be found at Turku School of Economics on the third floor in ls34. It is available Mon-Sun 8 am to 8 pm with the TSE access tag.