Welcome to UTU Finance

The purpose of this website is to provide information on financial research and teaching at the Turku School of Economics. The information here is for current and prospective students as well as for fellow academics and other interested parties.

Finance has become one of the most popular subjects at the Turku School of Economics in recent years, and more than thirty students choose to specialize in it each year. The number of faculty members focused on finance-related topics has also increased, and there are now seven of us in total. This has made it possible for us to expand our course offerings and has enabled new perspectives in both teaching and research.

Studying finance

Finance graduates from the Turku School of Economics have good career prospects, and are usually employed in demanding expert positions, such as portfolio managers, financial analysts and quantitative risk analysts, in both private and public sector. To find out more about studying finance at the Turku School of Economics, see the Finance Studies page.

Finance research

Finance research at the Turku School of Economics covers various topics, such as asset pricing, corporate finance, risk management and mathematical finance. Our researchers are well networked and actively participate in academic discussion by publishing papers in reputable journals and attending conferences and workshops. We also host our own finance-specific seminar periodically, to which we invite both our own faculty members and researchers from other universities to present their new papers. To find out more about the finance research at the Turku School of Economics, see the Research page.


We warmly acknowledge the financial support from Liedon Säästöpankkisäätiö. Without their support we would not have Bloomber Terminal.


We are members of the Graduate School of Finance. GSF is a joint initiative of the leading Finnish universities to promote high-quality doctoral education in finance in Finland by organizing advanced level doctoral courses, seminars and workshops. We are also members of the Financial Adademy community created by the Finance Finland (FFI) — the common voice of the Finnish financial sector.