Orbis Europe now available

Orbis Europe now available for researchers and students at the TSE Finance Lab. Instructions can be found on the Lab wall.

About the database:

Orbis Europe is a financial and business database on Europe’s largest 600,000 public and private companies by total assets. 43 countries are covered. Orbis Europe (formerly known as ‘Amadeus’) is a product of Moody’s Analytics (earlier of Bureau van Dijk which Moody’s bought). The database provides standardised annual accounts (consolidated and unconsolidated), financial ratios, sectoral activities, and ownership data. Orbis Europe is suitable for research, e.g., on accounting issues, competitiveness, ESG, economic integration, applied microeconomics, business cycles, economic geography, and corporate finance. Orbis Europe is updated weekly, providing standardised and harmonised annual accounts with up to ten years of time series. Data is collected from company filings and reports.